Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fall Karate! PHE 100B (30628)

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Here are the Details:
Duration - Aug. 22nd - Dec. 9th
Where? Prescott Campus - Building 2, room 144
When? Saturdays 12pm - 1:40pm
Instructor-  Alexander Morris

Fall Karate is drawing near!Students of Karate PHE100B will develop balance, speed and power through technique. Martial Arts teaches respect, self-discipline, full body coordination, stranger awareness, self defense, light sparring, forms and strengthening the body. At a discounted rate, all  YC students on the Fall roster may take full advantage of the off-site dojo location and are encouraged to train as often as possible. Classes are six days per week. Here is the schedule.

Students may show up to any of these classes for more consistency or to make up a class. Whether the class is an hour, an hour and a half or longer, students are invited to participate for that little bit each day to better themselves and learn something new. A uniform is required and may be provided for $40 on the first day of class. In this class, students are encouraged to go at their own pace and exercises may be modified to suit your needs. All classes are taught in a safe friendly environment and students may advance through the system through belts and degrees. For more information please contact the instructor. 928-308-5394

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Karate at Yavapai College is an actively involved 2 lab 1 credit program specifically designed for adult students seeking to improve their mental focus and physical fitness. Students will develop balance, speed and power through the development of technique. . . . continue reading

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A+ Karate After School

After School Program

The Prescott Valley area, as with all areas of the U.S. has a number of children that go home alone after school. Although being home alone for some kids can build confidence and self-reliance, unfortunately not all kids will gain those results.

Many kids need supervision and attention, many kids need exercise and social interaction as well as help with their academic studies, and many kids would love to learn Karate but are unable to get to a class because of parents work schedules.

ShinPu-Ren Family Karate offers an After School Karate and Transportation Program. This is a terrific alternative to day care or babysitters and especially to simply being left alone. This program provides transportation for your child from their educational facility after dismissal to our Dojo up to five days per week. This includes early dismissal days.

Our unique after school program channels after school energy into a positive, productive afternoon of supervised homework, fun activities and quality martial arts training. A.S.K. students are able to stay at the Dojo up until 7:30 pm, which makes it very convenient for working parents.

We will accommodate students in grades 1-8 from the Prescott Valley School district area including charter schools.

We can pick students up as few as 1 day per week or as many as 5 day’s per week. The cost is simply our normal tuition price and a $5.00 per day pick up charge for each day we pick your child up from their academic facility.

On teacher in service days and Federal Monday holidays we offer our Dojo Day camp for a $20.00 charge to keep the kids busy and safe all day from 7am- 7:30 pm

 to see all of the rules and guidelines for this program, then contact us by e-mail or phone for more information and to get your child registered for the A.S.K. program

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Let's Roll!!
2 Hours of Ninja Action at the Dojo ie (Jiu Jitsu, Padded Weapons, Ninja Stars etc.)
2014 TMNT Matinee Movie Ticket
Freedom Station After Party with Pizza, Drink, Tokens and Unlimited Attractions!
Tell your friends and sign up for a Radical Saturday to Remember! RSVP by calling Lori 928-308-5397