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Gods, Truth, Divine
Speed, Human, Complete Virtue
Kamikaze Do
For those who've wondered, here's Wiki's literal translation of ShinPu-Ren.  "God's Divine Wind" Is brought to light.
ShinPu-Ren Rebellion

*The 9 Moving Forces*
 By the time a student has reached Shodan (Beginning Black Belt) in ShinPu-Ren, they should have a firm and comprehensive understanding of The 9 Moving Forces.  A true understanding of this is developed through daily repetition and progress is unveiled during testing when one is required to Defend themselves effectively against the instructors,  Perform Kata to standard and Endure Kumite.  As they make their way through the ranks, we see immense improvements in all of our students at each level.  All of these areas are vital to understanding effective defense and all of these skills are added to the student's repertoire over the course of time and practice, thus turning average Joe or little Suzie into an outstanding, well rounded martial artist.  Very rare do we see students meet the standard for Shodan, but when this does occur, these individuals are a force of their own.
1.    Striking vital or paralyzing points (atemi-waza & kyusho-Jutsu)
2.    Applied pressure (appaku) applying pressure to the kyusho points
3.    Joint bending, locking, twisting and stretching (kansetsu-waza)
4.    Throwing, sweeping and takedowns (nage-waza, ashi-barai & otoshi-waza)
5.    Choking & strangulation methods (shime-waza)
6.    Controlling, holding, pinning, and grappling (katame-waza, osae-komi-waza, ne-waza)
7.    Counters to all the above (kaeshi-waza)
8.    Breathe control & power (kokyu chikara) developing internal force/energy (ki/qi)
9.    Absorbing and controlling pain


Mind Like Water

The perfect response to, and engagement with anything present.