Saturday, December 22, 2012

End of the World Dojo Christmas Party

Check out the Party!

Every year we gather for our Annual Bushido Awards Ceremony where we honor students for all their efforts and contributions throughout the year.  This years winners were as follows:
Mighty Might of the Year- Emma Paraskas
Most Improved Mighty Might- Dillan Willams
Most Improved Student- Judah Eidelbreicher, Dylan Donovan
Bushido Awards- Diego Perez, Danielle Hamilton, Jason Ebersole
Student of the Year- Fisher Plucinsky, James Nagle
The Sensei are honored at the tremendous support of our Dojo families.  The students are taking large strides and becoming great young leaders.  Delicious food was served, brick breaking took center floor and the countless smiles were enough to hold us over until the end of the holidays. Our Pinata fell to the wayside and will be busted up at the start of the New Year's first Karate Class so be there!

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