Monday, November 21, 2011

Sifu Liu Chiang I Seminar

Today I had the pleasure of attending this Feeding White Crane Seminar where many renowned martial arts masters gathered to learn "Short" and "Shaking" Power, Kata and Application.

I was honored to be the Uke for the instructor.  Sifu Liu has amazing control.  Here he flicked the tip of my nose with his heel at full combat speed. 

Here we're admiring his tremendously fortified forearm.  Sifu Li is a 3rd generation White Crane Master..

New Kote kitae awaits the students back at S.P.R.F.K.  These ones really build up the arms and work great for close quarters. 

Practicing Level 1 Thunder Power Exercises. . .Great upper body workout by the way!

Kimo Wall Sensei, Myself, Master Chiang

They will be hosting another seminar next year.  Get a hold of me if you would like to be in attendance and I'll see that you get your ticket.  Once in a lifetime opp. I highly recommend to any serious practitioners. 

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