Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morio Higaonna Sensei

Believe it when I say that many people out there would scoff at this level of commitment and dedication. Have you ever seen someone with such passion for what they do? This is how I feel the martial arts changes a person. It may not be there now but it grows on you. It crawls under your skin and leaks into your blood. Americans aren't nearly as likely to dedicate themselves to a traditional lifestyle to this extreme because it's hard to do and this recurring trend shows itself in the youth of today who're being provided with more and more luxury. Well I'd like to say that self improvement is never easy, and this classic approach has nothing to do with how many men you can annihilate or how much you bench. It's a very intimate routine that betters you in some way or other. Once kata becomes or feels easy to accomplish physically, it starts working on your mind and spirit. Many of my lessons learned through the thousands of hours on the floor spent with kata have been lessons of enduring love,spiritual faith, and the integrity of my character as it taxes every ounce of one's being. Overall, I feel that kata practitioners can understand that kata is an excellent example of a great escape from the world where you can focus on this one concept instead of everything that may be troubling you.  It's a vacation you can take in you're head that turns you into a champion of life the more you visit.  Morio Higaonna will always be a milestone in my life as I've learned much Goju Ryu from this man and he's kept me fascinated and inspired for many years.

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