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ShinPu-Ren has a vast archive of known kata (Form/ Shape/ Cutting the Earth) from many of the arts.  A black belt must know all 15 ShinPu-Ren forms to our standards, 1 American kata (self-made) and 2 Kobudo kata.  
In Order of Appearance:
Pinan (1-5)
Pinan Shodan- (Peaceful Mind no.1)
Pinan Nidan- (No.2)
Pinan Sandan-(No.3)  
*All 5 Pinans make Channan*
Pinan Yondan-(No.4)
Pinan Godan-(No.5
Naifungi (6-8)
Naifungi Shodan- (Holding Your Ground No.1)
Naifungi Nidan- (No.2)  
*All 3 Naifungi make Onahanche*
Naifungi Sandan- (No.3)
Passai (9-10)
Passai Sho- (To Penetrate a Fortress No.1)
Passai Di- (No. 2)
11th Kata
Jette- (Ten Hands)
12th Kata
Shunto- (Crane on a Rock/ Fighting Towards the East)
Wanshu- (Dumping Form/ Flying Swallow/ Dragon Boy)
Kusanku (14-15)
Kusanku Sho- (Gazing Heavenward/ Viewing the Sky)
Kusanku Dai- (No.2 Both named in honor of Kusanku)
(Ancient Warrior Way)
Students are allowed to begin weapons training at intermediate level or 16 yrs of age
Bo (Staff)  
* Inspired From Open Hand and Created by Sensei Alex.
Chikin Bo- Beginning Bo Staff Form
Shunto no Bo
Jette no bo  
Wanshu no bo
Seipai no bo
Tonfa (Handle)
*Inspired From Open Hand and Created by Sensei Alex.
Shunto nino tonfa
Jette nino tonfa
Wanshu nino tonfa
Seipai nino tonfa
Kama (Sickle)
*Inspired From Open Hand and Created by Sensei Alex.
Shunto no gama
Jette no gama
Wanshu no gama
Seipai no gama
Sensei Alex Sets Kobudo Stadards for SPRFK*

Once a Student has attained the rank of Shodan and mastered the basics of karate, their martial arts career begins, thus the term (Shodan).  After this, they begin their training of Goju Ryu Kata and curricula.  Goju Ryu is the transitioning sister style of the ShinPu-Ren.  Students are not limited to what they may learn and achieve after black belt. The instructors will give a Black Belt Student 3 kata every two years.  This is the service time requirement between each degree after Shodan.  Any other forms the student wishes to learn is encouraged through self-exploration and by this time, the students already has experience in creating kata (Juju undo), it's basic application (bunkai) and beyond the boundaries of its application (oyo bunkai/ goshindo.)

Goju Ryu Kata
by Morio Higaonna Sensei
Sanchin (3 Battles
Gekisai dai ichi (To Defeat by Smashing no.1)
Gekisai dai ni (To Defeat by Smashing no.2)
Saifa (To Smash and Tear/ Monkey Kata)
Seyunchin (Control, Suppress and pull into battle/ Tiger Kata)
Shisochin (4 Gates/ Dragon Kata)
Sanseiryu (36 Hands)
Seipai (18 Hands)
Kururunfa (Holding Ground)
Sesan (13 Techniques/ Half Moon/ Snake Kata)
Suparinpei (108 Steps/ Worldly Desires)
Tensho (Revolving Palms)

*Other Available Kata after Black Belt*

Jion (Temple of Love and Goodness)
Niseishi (24)

Gojushiho (54 Steps/ Desires, Woodpecker Kata)
Matsumuera Rohai (Vision of a Crane)
Nandansho (Niseishi's Elder)
Wankan (King's Crown)
Unsu (Cloud Kata)
Hakatsuru no Kume (Fujian White Crane of Kume Village)
Lao hu (Kenpo Tiger Kata)
Matsumuera Nipaipo (Fujian 
White Crane,
Dragon Kata)

Kiyohide Sanseiryu (13, Crane, Dragon, Tiger Kata)

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